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Three decades at your service


The little train that could


Hawkesbury Taxi, which started out as a very modest operation with a single car, is now deeply involved in the community through a number of donation and sponsorship activities (Knights of Columbus, Optimist Club and many others). At the beginning, it was called Pickle Taxi, operating in the picturesque village of Vankleek Hill, which is the Ontario gingerbread capital.


New beginning


In 1988, the company was officially established in Hawkesbury and renamed Hawkesbury Taxi. Then, it acquired a fleet of four cars to meet the needs of the community.




In 1990, Hawkesbury Taxi acquired Taxi Deville, adding 8 cars and vans to its existing fleet and bringing the total to 12 vehicles. The company has been operating at full capacity ever since, providing the citizens of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell and the surrounding areas with dependable, trustworthy and pleasant service. Some of our drivers have accumulated close to 25 years of loyal service with the company.


Three decades at your services
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